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Originally Posted by DiamondLie View Post
Much obliged Ghostryder!

I'm hoping to find a good outfit that could sell and then install them for me at the BMW MOA Rally in Salem, OR coming up next week.
That don't seem likely unless you've already made arrangements. There's a limited time for them to install and they often book up in advance. But more importantly, you normally need to order your shocks a few days...up to a few weeks in advance. My Yacugar took 5 or 6 weeks, but they're not as common as Ohlins.

Originally Posted by Joeboxer82is View Post
Over in Singapore, most Ohlins shock comes with e 140 rear spring by factory unless u request for a different one.
Correct. The "standard" spring (rear) is 140 lbs, and if you're over about 190 lbs it will be sprung too soft. You will need to use much of your preload for your own weight and start with more limited travel and capacity.

Originally Posted by Joeboxer82is View Post
I was told that Ohlins required shorter service intervals compared to the other brands. Wonder how true is that?
Other aluminum body shocks have similar service intervals. That's part of why I went with Yacugar...steel construction and 16 mm shaft vs the 14mm of Ohlins. But if you're only riding streets and occasional short trips on dirt roads ANY aftermarket shock will be a big improvement and durable enough. Most people couldn't tell the difference in ride from one aftermarket shock to the next. As long as you're getting a shock that's built for your weight and use you will be very pleased for a very long time.
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