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OK, here's a better update:

After a tankful of 76 RON, which caused some epic knocking (helpful advice on how to ride to minimize that), I gave the bike some lovely, highest quality out here, 88!

Mongolia has caused my bike to vibrate apart. While there are tons of nice fields to ride over, a lot of the dirt roads are terribly washboarded. Things that have fallen off or come loose: tool tube fell off, windscreen fell off, exhaust came loose, bash plate screw fell out, fork triple clamp knut fell off and lost, gps unit vibrated free, cheap padlocked vibrated itself apart! umm, im sure there's more...

And then there's the sand. I was down near the Flaming Cliffs, and tried to cut across directly towards the town of Altai. Bad move, as after 20km i found myself in mini sand dunes. Very soft and with my K60s (swamp - stay clear), i was revving hard to get the bike to move at all.

As a result my clutch plates are worn out. That seems to be it.

I couldnt get any traction, and couldnt get the bike to move.

So, and here's the fun part:
- i walked about half a day to find the nearest nomad
- stayed with his family for 3 days, managed to use their cell phone to call the capital city
- bribed the receptionist in my last hotel to send a family member in their mini van to pick me up
- the driver and his cousin drove 1,100 km round trip in 46 hours, straight, changed the oil on their van 9 times (no joke!), and eventually after about 5 or 6 days, i'm back in UB, and will order the plates today.

Fun times, and yeah, as swampy said, i did ask for adventure! I have however, had more mutton fat and camel milk than i ever want to see in a lifetime.

Will post some pictures of falls (of course) and pics later.

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