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Hey guys,

Turns out servicehonda asks $87 shipping for $25 gaskets. I cannot source them locally neither.

Any volunteers to help me out here? Just get them from wherever, stick them in a bubble envelope and send them to me USPS priority, no tracking. Should cost around $10. I will send you the money through paypal and throw in an extra $10 for your inconvenience. PM me if you are interested.

Part numbers 12251-KW3-003 and 12191-KBK-611 , costs $18 and $5 from servicehonda.

I will try to open her up and re-torque the cylinder bolts this weekend, see if it helps. I am worried that the water will erode the cylinder while I am waiting for the gaskets. Bike actually runs fine after you get it to start. This is my daily commuter.
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