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Very true, especially staff at the Dirt Bike magazines. At City Bike (San Fran) we were a bit different. We embraced the DR (I attended the original product Launch in the Mojave in 1996) and our publisher owned two DR650's and supported the idea of low cost bikes for budget conscious riders. We lent out DR test bikes out to everyone ... no one could break them.

We even supported and sponsored some RTW travelers ... like Ted Simon and Greg Frasier ... and several more unknown riders. So not ALL mags are bad guys!

The shiny mag guys are jaded ... their purview is Race Bikes and the Moto Cross business (stress BUSINESS here) for the most part. Their demographic are ages 12 to 19. They just don't get ADV travel or exploring ... and it doesn't pay the bills either. Look at who there advertisers are. But there are ... thankfully, other mags ... and of course ADV rider.

The Dirt Bike mag guys rarely leave the L.A. area on a motorbike ... and never travel solo off road. If they go somewhere, it's in a $40,000 pick up truck on loan from Ford or Toyota. None ride on the street.

So, grain of Salt here. Don't take offense. Take heart and support mags like MCN. Editor Dave Searle has done specials all about the DR650 and understands LOTS of "Real" working man riders love this bike. He owns one and "gets" the DR 100%.
Wow, City Bike is a magazine name I hadn't heard in years! I went to college at Sacramento State from 1990 to 1995 and really enjoyed reading that publication. My only form of transportation from 90 - 94 was a 1988 Kawasaki EX500. I put 33,000 or so miles on that little bike and had a blast with it (first motorcycle). Thanks Adv Grifter for lots of great reading back in my wild days.
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