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Originally Posted by FargAT View Post
After about 1 year of "researching", I've picked up a GS Adventure.
...and since this ADV,'s the required image:

Specs: 2011 w. 12.8k miles. Former owner, the definition of a straight shooter, nice guy from NYC. Tons of farkles, Wunderlich & Touratech AND the revered Russel Day Long. What was I ever doing without the RDL?? Only a few minor items to go, and the GSA will be near perfect.

Fun stuff and comparison:
I figured, if I'm already buying the pig, i might as well do it right. I picked her up in NYC and rode her home to Fargo, ND -> 1503 miles. Yes, it's bunburner distance. Did I manage? Yep. Will I certify? No. I don't see any reason to have my rides certified. Different story altogether, though.

Comparison. At the price point of the GSA, aesthetics play a role. Meaning, this cut the search down to only 2 contenders that are available in the USA.
The Tiger Triumph Explorer 1200 and the GSA.
The Yamaha S10 never entered the picture, since it is a design nightmare. Guzzi Stelvio, same issue. Duc - chain final drive. No thank you.
I did put some seat time on the TEx, but have to admit that I was ergonomically never happy. I'm 6'3" and unless I'd modify the living daylights out of the TEx, it wouldn't do the job; and even then it's questionable whether I'd get it to be "just right". Then there's the question of value retention. The BMW has the best resale value years down the road. (at least that's my justification to the finance minister )
The there's the snappy throttle performance. I ran the TEx over some "out there terrain" and the first bump that sent my wrist back, also introduced a surge forward. The slightest wrist movement, and the TEx goes into cyberspace. Great on asphalt, nightmare off the beaten path.

Ultimately, I ended up getting the exact bike I have wanted for many years. Now it's onwards to find the best offroad riding school (Rawhyde?) to learn the latest of the necessary riding and performance skills (recommendations anyone?..Buehler...Buehler...) and then a set of highway pegs (pictures of your setup? Ferris....Ferris?).

That's all. I'm thrilled, happy, and need a stock seat for in-town riding, 'cause even though I'm 6'3", I can't flat foot the beast.

Congrats on the new to you bike .

Try a regular height GS seat and that will lower you an inch closer to the ground. If that works send it to Rick Mayer for a (regular gs height) custom job. That's the best thing I did to mine or tied with the steering stabilizer.

Off Road riding hint: When riding this bike off paved road, stand up on the pegs and just point it where you want to go, a bit of throttle and let it do the rest .
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