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What year bike is it?
The sliver- is it slightly rounded one side? If that, then it is a part of a circlip. Is the retaining circlip missing from the lower weight and shaft in the pic?
Why was the cylinder honed- a part of a larger issue to have the motor apart?
When was the cam chain changed? Seems as though there has been more work done than the PO has let on to?
Change the bolt out.
Weights are not spring loaded if a newer model motor.
Check the cam timing as well as the counter weight timing. When the chain was put on it is possible they were all not correctly timed - hence the vibrations.

The motor is hard mounted - if the mounting bolts as tight that will not affect the vibrations.

It is a 93, forgot to say that. Burning oil, the guy sent it to the shop for valves and a hone. Probably a new chain then. I will check the cam chain tensioner, timing for both chains and replace that bolt.

the balance weights still have me worried though, seems like a lot of wobble for something that should very closely match the crank angle. Looks like it is missing that circlip, hopefully it is in the sump...

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Would be a good idea to change those sprockets to the newer type. I can't tell if those are worn or not, but the originals tend to wear fast. Good used ebay parts can be had cheap, new ones are't too bad.
What is the difference in sprockets?
thanks for the P/N
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