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Recently purchased an 09 and I love it. But I have a question about its height/suspension.

The bike has an aftermarket Sargent low seat a few racks in the back with two soft bags with nothing in them. Nothing major as far as weight goes really. Maybe 10-15lbs max?

Anyhow, when the bike is on flat ground and the side stand, it's almost vertical and unsteady. I have to park with the wheel to the left, which I normally do, except on this bike, I literally have to. I have to park on the street facing the opposite direction (illegal?) because the slight curvature of the street won't allow it! Last but not least, if I have the stand down and sit on the bike, which I could do on my 99 dr 350, it just pushes me and the bike over to the right, pretty far, far from possible to just sit there and hang out on it.

So, I figured the previous owner lowered the bike, but everything (to me) looks stock. Links look normal, the shock adjustment is in the higher height slot and the spring compression adjuster (whatever the actual word is for that) seems to be in the stock position.

Any ideas on what else I can check?

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