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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
On June 23, 2003 Carb issued an order stating that all bikes must have a road emission sticker in order to get a license. Due to the hue and cry of the motorcycle community they delayed implementation to 1/1/2004.

The order has never been rescinded. I don't how you guys are getting your plates, except DMV does get things screwed up. Good for you, just don't count it applying to everyone.

^^ This...

Congrats Perry, you got lucky.

At the bottom of this page is the database listing by year of all on-road and off-road certifications from CARB:

Here is the PDF for the 2006 KTM XC and EXC models showing they are designated OFMC - off road motorcycle. So whoever issued a plate for your non-cert model didn't bother to look up whether it was legal to do so.
If you look under the 'on hiway' certification listings for 2006 KTM you find the 625/640 and the 950. The 250/450/525 EXC's are greensticker, the XC's are red sticker.

However the bike you plated does not have the certifications nor labeling to be legally licenses for hiway.
Here is the emissions sticker requirment documentation from CARB. Obviously your DMV agent didn't check for the compliance sticker, even though this is something they are REQUIRED to do.

I'm not busting anyone's chops either, if you get one great. Just don't assume that everyone can walk into a DMV with a non-cert bike and get a plate. Also don't be surprised if someone catches it on an internal audit and rescinds it. I do not know what kind of auditing process CARB has in place for DMV transactions.
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