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I've had Wilber's, Ohlins and Hyper Pro.
I can't compare as they were on 3 different types of bikes and had different levels of service.
I had Ohlins on a Duc 996 and R1100s. I noticed no difference on the 996 between stock and the Ohlins, but there was very little service from the seller. It may have been the wrong spring, etc. plus wheel travel is low on that bike so not as easy to tell. On the r1100s the difference between stock and Ohlins was huge. It also added some height and wheel travel. Loved it.
The Wilber's and Hyper Pro were purchased from Klaus in NJ. Can't say enough about Kaus and the service he provides.
I put the Wilber's on a R1150rs and the Hyper Pro on my current GS.
Both feel great.
On my GS, I may have ordered the Huper Pro with a weight too high because they are stiff. When I had the bike weighted down on my trip the bike felt amazing. So maybe they were set up a little stuff.

I will say that the build quality, fit and finish is outstanding on the Hyper Pro. I can't say which of the three is better though. Way too many variables.
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