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Originally Posted by bassplayinroach View Post
Im pretty pissed at myself. Fukk. I went to the taco truck today and as I was leaving I decided to check my engine oil (im moving tomorrow and riding about 180 miles). I look at the glass and the oil level is barely above the window. WTF. I changed the oil and filter on the 18th of last month. Its NOT a burner. Or at least I thought it wasn't. Is that level low enough to cause damage? And if so what kind? Im super upset at myself for letting this happen. I guess I need to make a better habit of checking it.

On a side note, while I was at Wally's (I digging HATE Wally's with a passion but they have the oil I use, no one else in this tiny town does) I bought myself one of those ATV seatpads. Figured it would be useful on the trip tomorrow. Anyone else like or dislike these things?
I just bought a Saddleman adventure touring seat last week. Definitely worth the $333 paid for it. I got it from redzilla. Pretty fast and free shipping.

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