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Originally Posted by nylon2000 View Post
Guys - any leads on where i can get clutch plates? Apparently the country of Germany has zero in stock! Am not getting much luck with the UK, and am waiting on the US to reply...

Anyone? People are quoting me 2 weeks to order, and then 1+ weeks to deliver.

Failing that, what are my backup options? Is there a way to "re-energize" worn plates? Maybe put some spacers in the basket to push the plates together more?

First of all, happy to hear you are fine! It does look like your adventure will just keep on going for a while. I checked with Max BMW and none of the stores has the plates. Furthermore, none of BMW warehouses in the entire US has them. I just have a thought that maybe you can use the plates from a Dakar, since it is supposedly the same motor. However, the part numbers are different. People that have more experience with it might want to chime in. But, if the Dakar plates are usable, you might have a few more options in your search.

As for squeezing a little more out of the original plates, you might want to use thicker oil, rough up the plates with coarse sand paper, make sure you have play in the clutch lever (no pressure on the lever at all), and use the clutch only to get going,- shift gears without using the clutch. Keep the clutch engaged and as cool as possible. No off road and no uphill. All off this, of course at the risk of getting stuck again.

One more thing, in many countries, where parts are considered much less disposable than in our western world, there might be services to renew the friction lining of the plates. One more direction...

Let me know if I can help.

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