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I have been looking into a hands free solution for when I am driving my cage and get tired of holding the phone to my ear. In the process I looked at some boom mics because I have had good luck with the regular bluetooth things that dangle off your ear. Somehow I stumbled across the idea to get something that would work on my motorcycle. Normally I run ear buds to a i-pod on my wrist. I use the same motocross helmet for both off-road and on-road riding, which is a Klim F4 (love it). It tends to be noisy, what with the 41 cooling vents, so the ear buds help knock down the noise a bit, and the music is a nice addition.

Anyways, I ended up finding iASUS, which makes a couple different throat mic setups, one being specifically for motorcycles.

As I was typing this I went back to to copy the url and noticed that they are working on a bluetooth version. I guess I am going to have to wait for that thing to come out.

webBikeWorld review of the GP3X2 (August 2011)

hopefully some useful information in here for someone.
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