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Originally Posted by GoneAgain View Post
So MB.. do to find that the hardcore offroad is a tiny bit worse than stock on the highway...?


the Hardcore offroad is LOTS AND LOTS better than the stock on the highway.

What I was trying to say is if all I road was smooth pavement, the stock suspension is adequate.

I think the reason is the stock springs are around .44kg and the Traxxion Hardcore are .65kg (for me 200lbs+ touring gear), AND the Traxxion valving allows the forks to absorb the square edge bumps so much better.

In all my reading as I understand it the stock forks hydrolock (fluid stops moving) in a sharp jolt, this is what causes the jarring feel from every pothole etc.

When I did this upgrade, I got the forks quicker than I got my shock.
The forks were a MUCH bigger improvement, but they really highlighted the shocks difficencys.

as an example, there is a dirt/gravel road near me that gets alot of traffic and is potholes ( small to medium) and washboarded in sections.
with the stock suspension I became uncomfortable at about 35mph, the jarring through the handlebars made me feel almost out of control.
With just the Traxxion Forks, and the stock shock I was comfortable to about 50mph (I chicken out about there, lots of trees, dropoffs to a creek and banks to hit)

With the Wilburs shock add another 5mph.

I've been working alot lately and haven't been riding as much but I think after playing with the damping adjustments on the forks and shocks I can absorb even more of the sharp edged jolts.

On a nice winding paved country road, with the stock suspension I could keep a pretty good speed, with the new suspension I keep reminding myself to not get caught (probably 20-25mph higher in the curves)

As I recall the Adventure spring rate is about .75kg and the street is about .95kg, I think that would be quite stiff for much rough surface riding.
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