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Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
I've made brushes for small motors & even alternators by sanding down a larger brush.

you just have to find a donor that has the pigtail in the right spot. find a shop that rebuilds automotive electrical.... they might even have something that drops right in.

post a pic of the old one
Might not be a bad idea. You looking for a pic of the brushes, I assume? There is no pigtail to note, just the brush/spring setup and the "housing" it slips into is hard-wired. I'll try to post something up this afternoon. Waiting on a plumber who is supposed to be here in 10 minutes. ( )

Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
Good hardware stores usually have motor brushes in the area with all the drawers of hardware.
This might be the best bet. Sort of embarrassed I hadn't thought of it. There is a great little place a couple minutes away, stores been there for 70+ years. Love going in to poke around.
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This post has zero to do with civility and more to do with stupidity.
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