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Originally Posted by Ridge View Post
That's really subjective to each individual. I usually feel tightness in my muscles for a day or so after particularly hard training rides or races. That feeling subsides as soon as I get on the bike and turn the pedals over for a few miles. The Osmo (or any recovery drink for that matter) is more for replenishing the glycogen and protein I used up during the session. This is more critical when I'm racing in omniums or back-to-back daily crits.

I mix it two servings each per 24oz bottle. It's very easy to modulate the strength to your liking as it's a light flavor.
Gotcha. I usually go with about ~3/4 scoop of Accelerade per 24oz bottle of water. I'll play with the Tailwind to see what I like. I really prefer straight water, but when it heats up, I need the salt and the calories to get through the ride.
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