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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
Mine snapped off after several thousand miles of washboards with about 10lbs on the back. Vibrations are what kills it.
Same thing happened to me. The whole rear end broke off and was dangling by the tail light wires. After I got the replacement parts the fix was really simple. Take the mufflers and rack off and wrap about a dozen or so wraps of a good quality duct tape around the rear fender to support it. That's what I did and since then I've put about 3000 miles of washboard FSR and 4WD track on it. I frequently bottom the suspension but the duct tape fix has held up perfectly and the rear end is rock solid. The good news is that you can barely see it and unless you point it out to people they never even notice it. The simplest fixes are always the best and this one is about a simple as it gets. This fix is for the rear fender and tail light assembly only, it does not affect the rack. My rack broke off too. I had a Pelican case mounted on it and it was cantilevered out over the rear of the bike. The position and weight of the case put too much stress on the rack and it broke. I've replaced the Pelican case with a soft rack bag for a mountain bike. I bungee cord it to the rack as far forward as I can get it and so far (3000 miles of rough road) I've had no problems with it.

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