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For what it's worth. I lurked on the KLX forum for quite a while, before deciding to go with the red bike. One guy over there who had a KTM, said that his bike conked out in the middle of nowhere. You can imagine the difficulty of getting it to where you could put it in a truck. The dealer couldn't figure it out, and had a tech fly over here from Europe. He couldn't figure it out either, and took the engine back to Austria. In the end, they just gave him another motor. Some of those, not sure the models, need the oil changed after every ride. Yeah, more power, less weight, but basically a street legal race bike. Do more research, ask around more. Probably has way better suspension right of the showroom floor, but you are paying a premium price. Just saying............

Edit: I have a pretty good memory, this is the last post by Ricky on the KLX forum. Not going to go through and find his post about the orange bike, ask him:
I agree with the price, but you get what you pay for. I purchased my CRF for 5,000 OTD and have sunk around 1500 into mods. If I add suspension and possibly a big bore, you are looking at 8500-9000 total. Even with all the mods this bike will never have the power of the KTM. But you are correct about reliability. I also know that once you start doing engine mods to the CRF it will start to have maintanence issues as well. It all depends on how you are using the bike. I trailer my bike when we go ride and my max pavement trip is around 35 miles on some back roads. Otherwise I ride it up the street 3 miles and hit the trails.
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