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Originally Posted by lakser View Post
I am thinking about joining the ranks of KLR owners.
Recently had a DRZ400SM stolen. before I bought the DRZ, I was considering a KLR, and after owning the DRZ ,I think the KLR might be the way to go.
Id like to do longer trips, and the KLR seems more well suited for that, as well as around town riding.

I would like a pre 08. both for looks and financial reasons. I read a few things about the newer model "using" oil, which i would like to avoid.

any tips on what to look out for when buying a pre 08 KLR.
especially ones with lower miles.
I am looking at an 05 right now with under 400 miles and i am wondering if this is more of a bad thing than good.

thanks all.
The 2008 models had changed up the piston and rings ... and they had a very high probability of burning oil. Most of that was corrected and certainly 2010 and later KLRs have demonstrated good reliability.

However, I much prefer the simplicity and parts availability of the 2007 and earlier bikes. (still have a few KLRs 2006, 1989, and 1987 in the garage :) 'cause I have multi bike syndrome ). The '05 was a good year, as good as any other.

I will say that the best upgrade for the KLR is the 685cc kit. More power, better reliability, and no oil use. More power and the 16 tooth countershaft sprocket makes it a snap to cruise 80-90 with highway traffic.

1) Assume the previous owner abused the bike and did poor maintenance. Unless you know the dude was anal about taking care of his/her bike.

2) Go look at every KLR that comes up on CL or other sales rag. But don't buy one until you've looked at, sat on, rode on, and drooled on at least 5-10 bikes. You'll be much better informed, and start to look for the obvious signs of abuse (gouges in the cases/frame, missing screws, parts, fasteners, worn out tires, brakes, chain, shredded plastics, meters, controls.)

3) Plan on resetting all of the maint: Change oil/filter, coolant, brake fluid, check/adjust valves, scrub, wash, and pimp the pig out with Eagle-Mike doohickey and etc.

4) Find a riding buddy nearby, either KLR or other dualsporter.
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