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So now I'm after some advice on the following:

I intend to replace the crankshaft bearings for the piston conrods and the balance rod conrods. The two piston crankshaft bearings seem to have a little bit of play in them.

The question is can I do this with keeping the pistons in place....i.e remove crankshaft from engine and slide the bearing shells out of the one half of the conrod that is still attached to the piston?

The reason I dont want to remove the pistons is that they appear to be ok and I do not have a honing tool nor a piston ring compressor to reassemble.

The crank may be sjot anyhow so that will come out. Aslong as I set the crank to TDC before installing the cams at TDC it should all allign....correct??

With the crank out I will check the main end bearings also. If required I will replace the shells, but on inspection they seem ok.

My theory is that the balancer rod bearing shattered/collapsed and this has caused a vibration/out of balance engine that has strained the piston crankshaft bearings.

Can anybody comment on the crank (last picture above) me it looks like the surface of the crank has started to break up and it feels rougher than the rest of the machined surface......I presume that means I need a new crankshaft?
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