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Originally Posted by lakser View Post
I am thinking about joining the ranks of KLR owners.
Recently had a DRZ400SM stolen. before I bought the DRZ, I was considering a KLR, and after owning the DRZ ,I think the KLR might be the way to go.
Id like to do longer trips, and the KLR seems more well suited for that, as well as around town riding.

I would like a pre 08. both for looks and financial reasons. I read a few things about the newer model "using" oil, which i would like to avoid.

any tips on what to look out for when buying a pre 08 KLR.
especially ones with lower miles.
I am looking at an 05 right now with under 400 miles and i am wondering if this is more of a bad thing than good.

thanks all.
The first gens are also prone to oil consumption. It's hit or miss.

I have almost 20k miles on my 04 KLR, engine is 100% stock, never opened, thing still runs awesome, rolls right up to 65 on the highway, will go much faster if I wanted to.

Originally Posted by Bear Archer View Post
Do I still need to worry about the doohickey if I have a 2012 klr? Or are all klr acceptable to it failing

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The 07+ models have an upgraded doo, but it's never a bad idea to swap it with an EM doo.
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