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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
Ok lets get this back on track...

My local dealer had two 2013 690's in stock. The first one was the one I commented on 2 days ago and I thought was very unpleasant to ride. I rode the second one today. Both bikes were set up the same way, same map (standard) and both at less than 30 miles. Out on the highway I went since that's where the horrible vibes were on the previous one I rode.

Was I surprised! This was like a totally different bike. Much, much smoother. I could see behind me in the mirrors pretty well at 65 to 75mph, where on the previous bike they were a complete blur at those speeds. The bars also were also barely vibing at all, where on the previous bike they were buzzing really hard at the same speeds and my hands were tingling and starting to go numb in a few minutes. The second bike was pleasant to ride at freeways speeds and it also hummed along in slow traffic at 2500 to 3500RPM with no stumbling or lurching, just nice and steady. I rode it back to the dealer and bought it right then, oh yeah!

Let the mods begin!
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