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Congrats Cliff! That sure is interesting on the smooth 690 vs vibey one when they are both new. I do wonder if it has an A piston in a B bore... messed up flywheel? It just goes to show when someone on here says that the 690 vibrates a lot, and someone else counters they don't it would be more accurate to say MY 690 does/doesn't vibe much! (Not to diminish the huge difference of perspective that exists between those coming from say a twin vs coming from the older LC4.)

Sounds like a good dealer that let you take it out on the freeway! Now all you need is to get rid of those dirt bike phobic politicians in Washington state and reopen thousands of miles of riding as opposed to sending the whole Western half of the state to just Reiter pit!
(When I was a kid I basically rode a 2 stroke from your house to mine - Little Bear Creek to Lord's Hill. Mostly off road but tons of connecting pavement including of course the 522 bridge. Cops flagged me down every once in a while and we'd talk and I remember one in almost an "oh by the way" tone of voice telling me that technically it was illegal to ride a dirtbike on the road ((as a 14 year old no less)) and we both laughed and got a kick out of that! What's happening to the world!?)
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