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trails in lynchburg

my .02 cents......
When I lived in Lynchburg a couple years ago as a student at LU, you were allowed to ride the trails at Liberty Mountain. There are something like 60-100 miles worth of trails. But you had to be a student or staff. Not sure if those rules have changed--- but those are some of the best riding trails in the Lynchburg and surrounding area. There are even maps on the student webpages from what I recall. I'd often see Jerry JR's kid out there alot. The trails are all different kinds, dirt, gravel, muddy, fire road, single tract, etc...
just watch out for joggers.
below is a pic on one of the open moutain tops... If i recall correctly, there were 3 main trail accesses-- 1 at the wingate hotel near the runners access, it was a big fire road beside a shack. the 2nd access was on the backside of candlers mountain road off sunnymead off a road called lone jack rd. there is also a motorcross course there too. which i almost killed myself on with the xr650 below... the 3rd way to the trails is the most noticable and easiest way---- yet you run a risk of being caught if you are not a student or staff-- and that is straight infront of the monogram by the snowflex mountain. there are two trails that diverge at the top from what i recall. again really watch out for people here- because most are walking up to the make out gazebo by the monogram (aka the huge LU sign on candlers mountain off hwy460).....
that should get you all started on some great local riding- just don't be a prick and ruin it by getting the trails shut down for the rest of us!

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