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Earlier I posted that I was having cut-out issues with the DR. I've had a chance to put a few hundred miles on the '06. I've cleaned the carb. I have a "flat-spot" in the mid power band at cruise. The bike purr's like a kitten at idle. And It runs great at the higher RPM's. It's the cruise area at the shift point's that I'm having issues. Once I shift into the next gear, if I don't continue accelerating it behaves like it's running out of gas. It's when I try to hold a constant speed in the mid-rpms that the problem arises. It backfires, hesitates and act's exactly like it's running out of fuel. When I open up the throttle the problem goes away. Also if I shift aggressively thru the gears I never have an issue. I feel like I have to wring-out the motor to prevent the problem. I guess I can live with it. But, it just doesn't seem right. I've considered the Kientech jet kit that seems so prevalent on the forum. I've also considered putting a little thicker washer under the main jet. I'm just not sure where to start as far as thickness goes.
Here's a diagram to show what jets are in play at the different throttle openings. I would clean or replace the appropriate jet.

Taken from this website...
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