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I agree with most everything you said, and currently think I'll jump on the bandwagon with an LC GSA in 2014/15-ish.

Except for this:

It seems like every year the GS cluster gets worse, and with the 2013, they really pulled out all the stops. At the current rate of "improvement", by 2025, the tach will have become so small as to form a singularity, sucking in the Earth, moon, and most of the adjacent planets, ending all life as we know it.

They seriously need to abandon the analog speedo and go to the near universal standard of digital speedo, analog tach.
Do the instrument clusters on the new LC machines 'melt' like the old ones did? I have had mine replaced on my 2010 camhead twice under warranty because the windshield can magnify the suns rays enough to melt the plastic bezel. NOT happy with that particular piece of German engineering!!
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