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Originally Posted by Nixels View Post

I finally got a stator for my '88 XR600R.

Less than 90 days after getting the bike!

I bought the RickyStator unit and am trying to install/plug it in today.

The challenge for an electronics-challenged guy like me is that I don't know how to convert/interpret what I see to make the switch from old to new.

This bike has a battery & all the lights. So I think it should be dual output 100watts each.

That would suggest I use the wiring diagram on the upper left.

What I can't figure out is how to relate the green/white pairs to the original pairs in the 4-plug connector. How do I work that out? I have a digital multimeter that I could use to assist me - if I knew what I was trying to do. s

And once I figure that out, do I:

Cut the old connector off and add it to the new wiring harness?


Cut the old connector off the wiring harness and add the four individual connectors to the wiring harness.
I got a bit perplexed as well when I got my Ricky for my XL.
I ended up tracing the old stator wiring back from the 4 pin plug a bit, and found a heap of connectors that I could plug the Ricky into.
Just check the wiring on your old stator from the 4 pin plug.

Plug and play...all good

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