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Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post
.... I ran this tire in Colorado over mostly rock for a week and not a nick on it. It grabs wet rock well too.
I've installed a set of Michelin Desert Race on my XRL. Wow, what a dream ride and the handling is phenomenal. Wear is to be determined. Note the Unicross front lasted much longer than the Karoo rear.
Interesting; I've yet to come back from a first ride with any tire and not have nicks, or gouges, or even missing knobs. Sounds like a very robust tire. Why didn't you put another one on instead of going to the desert race?

The desert race is another costly tire. Probably very similar to the 908 in many ways. I may try one or the other one day, we'll see what opportunity may arise. As far as front/rear goes, it seems to me as if all front tires last me about three times as long as all rears! So far...

I just put a Michelin Anakee 3 rear on my street bike. First time I've tried anything but the Avon Azaro, which rides well, but I had a new one shed the tread while motoring along at 80-ish and Avon just gave me a song and dance routine and never did anything about it. So I'm done with them; the Michelin felt great on the initial ride.
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