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Originally Posted by RoundOz View Post
I read your plans with some interest. At this point my only upgrade would be to the super expensive TT setup. Unfortunately it is the shape of their fairing that mostly drives me (I like it better than any other fairing or screen on the market), as I have yet to read any good reviews of the lights' performance or seen photos of their pattern. Am I right in thinking your lights are the same Hellas?
Funny you said that. I've dumped close to a used set of those TT lights into developing mine. I actually really hate their looks.

On the lamps. They are exactly the same. Hella's Bi-Xeon lights are actually different than the Bi-Halogen lights. But for single beam light (these 90s are single beam), you are just paying for the Hella ballast. What I have is exactly the same lamp touratech sells. You can just put in your own HID bulb.

I know quite a bit about Hella lights. Actually the 90mm is an older design than the 60mm. But there isn't much room to fit those huge 60mm projectors.

For your research/project, you can use the following as reference.

ALSO, check out Lynx fairing, they use the same 90mm Hella and have HID kit you can buy. Both will give you a good idea of the quality of light.
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