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Originally Posted by ZGirl View Post
Just a little about our day.....

We got out late, decided to grab a bite at the Wolf River Café and got there around 10:30.

Too late for breakfast and too early for lunch evidently as our food didn't come until 11:30....
We entertained ourselves watching two ladies on a Shadow and a Savage spend 15 minutes to put on a half shell helmet. Seriously, that was all their gear. We winced as they wobbled down the road, then came back a few minutes later going the other way. I think at least one of them was a new rider, which worried me since I didn't think her deck shoes would be very grippy if needed.

After we ate, Bill went to pay the check and the cashier had gone to the bank. We watched her leave about 15 - 20 minutes before and they said it might still be a while.....

So...... we waited patiently.

Couldn't get the thread to load on my phone and thought I knew where it was, so we proceed to tag the wrong spot!

Then, on the way to the next tag we were held up by a COALLLLLLLL TRAINNNNNNN!!!!

Next we got to wait at the one lane light at the river bridge....

Stopped at the gas station in Somerville and watched a Harley rider braid his hair into a pony-tail while I waited for Bill. Then his wife came out.

I told Bill that you would think she could have done that for him while they were riding, but I guess a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

We proceeded to our next tag (that's a secret) and then home.

What an ADV kind of day.
Wish I had that kind of patience Gloria. I waited 90 minutes for two eggs over easy one morning after the rush. I didn't care for the food, the service, or the attitude of the staff. I've not been back. YMMV.

Josh is correct ZZ Girl: It's in La Grange. If you're east bound on the east side of town you'll find it on the north side of the highway 600 yds. before the stop sign at the T. I love reading history and wonder what life in the US would be like had the war between the states not occurred.
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