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SAR Rescued

Hi guys. Been some time since I was on here. Been away from station for a couple weeks. We did not do the traverse but myself and one other diesel mechanic plus an extra help went up to the remote sky way to dig and retrieve equipment left up on the plateau at end of summer.

Im back on station but I'm not in to good a shape. I had to be SAR rescued as I slipped a disk in my back and when I woke the following morning was unable to move at all!!!! Very un nerving. So part of our SAR team came up with the rescue Hagg to bring me back to station. I was in so much pain they had to give me morphine just so they could move me as any movement of my back was like knifes. To make matters worse I was on the top bunk and the room not big enough to get a stretcher into!!
I am currently laying on my floor writing this. I will update more when im better.
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