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The next day we woke up and met for a nice breakfast which is included with the room rate.

Both still really shattered.. we talked around what we should and could do for the day. (Neither of us very enthusiastic)
It became apparent to both of us pretty quick.. We were both stuffed and needed a rest day..

First order of the day was to find and get a soapy.

James is your man if you need soapy in Attapue

The bikes certainly needed it.. My chain started making a clunking sound which was a bit disturbing..
The sound disappeared with a soapy and a good jet of water in the right places ..

Next to the Soapy place there was a great little shop with bits and pieces for bikes, trucks etc.

We needed more oil for the chains.
The kids loved our bikes

Then we went for a ride around town, over the bridge and back and then along the river looking for a nice place to relax the afternoon away..

James having some fun with the owner.. She thought this was quite funny when she woke up and we showed her..

My turn in the hammock and about 6 or 7 beers later.. I was nicely primed.

Nice afternoon just chatting, boozing and watching the world go past.. (Smelling the roses)

Next destination Sekong
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