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Quick discussion over breakfast and unsure if the weather will continue to be good to us..

We decide against riding up along the HCM trail to Sekong.. Plus we have both done this before.
It is steep and there is a massive amount of road works when you get closer to Sekong.
Last time I rode this with Rex it felt like we had been teleported to Mars in a futuristic sci fi movie.

Last thing we want to do is wade through dry season bull dust that is now turned to a mud fest and slip and slide up and down the mountains.
Even in the south there are mountains 1000 metres above sea level .

Neither of us had gone north west from Paam towards the river and up.
Very nice ride actually.. Flat, but as you get towards the river nice villages..
Not sure if road works going on but definitely running the graders over the roads out that way

The route.

New trails popping up every where.. with bridges going in.. This trail was not on any GPS or paper map we had with us

Giving way to the locals

more to come
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