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Thumb Tires in a pinch = $$$

Originally Posted by Steveo. View Post
... And then they bent me over for $565 for a tire.

Obviously I was going nowhere on that tire and the search began in town for a replacement. The only shop with one was the Harley dealer and with only 25 minutes before closing, they agreed to help me out.
Turns out in Cranbrook, tires are ridiculously expensive. $565 installed for one Dunlop D209HD!!! I almost died. When I questioned it he said "that's an expensive tire.
After looking at the invoice, they charged me $120 in labour(standard tire change, according to the service guy), charged for wheel weights that they didn't use because they couldn't balance my wheel and $365 for the tire. Add a pile in taxes and my ass is still sore.

Moral of the story, stay away from the Harley dealer in Cranbrook and don't leave for a road trip without fresh tires. Even though they appeared to have a fair bit of life left, I'm assuming the high temperatures, rough roads and some spirited riding shortened the last bit of life.
Sad to see they got you like that. I've purchased many truck tires over the years and haven't paid that much for one of them. I understand profit centers in a typical business but that seems to me to be ripping off the unexpected out of town customer. I guess they figured that you wouldn't be back so they better make what they could while you were there. I can't say you did wrong by paying, they had you bent over and they knew it. I would make sure it was known far and wide about the costs involved with that purchase. Send a letter to HD with documents too. Might not get a nickel back but the dealer will wish they had been a bit more ethical while you were there in their shop.
Hard way to go but as they said, life goes on. Like any other brand, got some good HD dealers and some, not so much.
Stay safe man..
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