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Hi all

I recently bought myself the 1190 Adventure R as well(2nd hand... with 700k's!)after reading through the blog a few times and seeing a few nice pics. It didn't take much convincing
I used to have a Super Tenere about 20 years ago and haven't ridden a proper bike since then, boy was I in for a time warp! What a bullet it this is! I actually can't describe what it is like when shifting up from 3rd, everything just becomes a blur and I'm just trying to hang on

Bought the bike in Germany and had two days to make it to destination in Spain!! In other words: 1800km's in two days so it was a serious endurance test on my first date! was a bit crazy to say the least but I had no choice due to my job. I made it with no time to spare boarding the ferry in Barcelona.

The first 400k's in Germany started with serious thick rain...ugh. After 200k's my arms where soaked so had to find a bike store and buy some proper foulies and another screen to mount on top off the shorter R version screen, the latter one doesn't cut it on the highway. This made the ride much better and at least kept the rain of my visor but still had to duck down a bit to stay out of the turbulence. Ordered the larger screen so now I should be hearing the exhaust and not the wind.
In the rain the bike feels very stable, safe and lots of grip from the tires on the on and off ramps. Guess the rain setting has something to do with it?
I kept a steady 130-140 on the fast German highway although the GPS showed 10k's less.
Just over the border in Switserland the sun came out, the roads dried and I knew I bought myself a big gem... My experience on bikes of this caliber is limited but it makes me feel like Jorge Lorenzo, no kidding. You just can't hold back and drive normally on this bike! In the long bends it's sticks like chewing gum and the hairpins it feels like your on rails. There's just not enough hairpins in Swiss for it:))
No wonder the previous owner got emotional when he had to say goodbye....

...lights out for now. More later.
ps. Can anybody explain how to attached a pic?
Congrats for your bike!!!

Could you tell us L/100 in your short trip?
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