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I had what I would call a major malfunction with my 400 today... I was on the way home from a friends house which is a hood 20 mile drive and about a mile away from his house I stopped normally at a stop sign, but when I pulled away I got to second and when I pulled the clutch in to shift to third I heard a metal clink noise and the clutch went limp... All of a sudden I now have zero clutch lever and no way to stop at any signs or intersections. At first I thought my clutch cable had snapped but when I got the the next stop sign the truck at the sign decided to stop for a longer than needed stop and I jerked to a stop and of course the bike dies... I figured I would see where it broke while I figured out how I was gonna get going again. Turns out the cable isn't broke, it has to be something in the clutch itself because the part the cable moves is completely limp. I the had to go to neutral to crank it, got a running start and quickly shifted to first and had to avoid stopping at signs and intersections the whole way home... I won't be able to disassemble it until I get off at 6 but I'm worried about what I might find. If anyone might know anything the help would be appreciated. Hopefully you will be able to give me some advice.
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