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Originally Posted by SierraJeep View Post
I may be interested in this. I have already changed mine to the Euro headlight shell and installed an HID light in the low beam, which has helped considerably over the stock US version. Additionally, I put the Euro headlight switch on mine (so I could shut off everything). Would this system still work with the Euro headlight switch, or would that mess up the 'plug and play' idea?

I ask only because my wiring skills are less than crappy.
The only interface to the stock lighting wiring is the H4-3 plug (high, low, ground). The Euro switch controls the output directly there. So you will not need a separate kill switch for the low beam. If you look at the picture of the harness, only the yellow boxed terminals need to be connected to the bike.

The rest of the system operates the same way. Because my US model does not have a switch to completely shut off the low beam, I installed a switch inline from the low beam trigger to the relay that eventually goes to my HID low beam projector.

On top of that, I've made the harness such that the low beam will remain on when the high beam is switched on.
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