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I have a 99 lc4e 640. Has been a perfect bike till now. (3500 miles ive owned it) The last 3 times I rode it to the gym. It dies on my way home and dosnt sart till i truck it home then it starts? Seems like I get a carb full of gas away from gym? Floats maybe? The tilting of the bike to load and unload has to be playing a part? I tried taking gas cap off in case it was vapor lock. If a main jet got plugged it wouldnt keep unplugging? Hoping for good advice before I start tearing it apart. My carb is a real pia to take out. Hoping I can adjust floats with carb still on? It has spark. Bike has run flawless till now.
I had similiar symptoms recently. I rejetted, cleaned the carb, opened my air box, you name it!
Ended up being a frayed wire that would depending on how my arse was positioned on the seat, make connection or lose connection! Things are not always what they seem. My carb was fine but now I have much more HP!!
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