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Looks like I just picked up DrMoto's old KLR. Bike is pretty much perfect as is (stock with some goodies), minus the rear shock and some chain issues.

Installed are progressive springs in the forks and a top gun 650 spring (softest 6.6kg spring) on the stock 250 shock. Unfortunately the 250 shock is completely blown with zero dampening. I get nasty wheel hop over bumps, and I can bunny hop the rear tire off the ground!! I just purchased a 650 shock that I will be tinkering with when it gets in.

I know someone out there sells a spacer for ~$50, but I'm cheap and looking for an alternative. Thinking I might just have the OEM pin turned into a spacer (shorten then bore it out) then use a bolt to sandwich it all together as that seems the simplest.

Finally, I'm looking for tires. Ideally I'd run a D606, but the only 17" size they have is 130/90 and I've read of clearance issues not only with the exhaust and chain, but ripping knobs off when the tire expands at speed and hits the inside of the swing arm.

Any suggestions on a primarily offroad tire with decent wear? (not sure how I feel about the mt21 given the reviews I've read)

Thanks in advance,
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