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You probably thought I forgot about this thread or gave it up already. Nope, I was just busy playing……

About the third week of June each year I host the Hells Canyon/Wallowa Valley Gathering in Enterprise, OR which keeps me a little busy for a few weeks in June. The nice thing about it is this gave me more stories and pictures for this thread. While the gathering is listed to take place from Thursday – Sunday I enjoyed spending the entire week there rather than just those few days.

Sunday on my way to Enterprise, OR:

FLHTLady and I both drove our pickups and hauled our motorcycles to Enterprise. This meant I could take both bikes and all sorts of stuff to use camping. The two of us decided to caravan down with me in the lead. I did a great job leading, took a wrong turn in Clarkston, WA which dropped us into a small waterfront park with limited room too turn around. I can’t backup a trailer worth beans so FLHTLady jumped in my pickup towing a small motorcycle trailer and got it turned around then turned her pickup towing a travel trailer around. Meanwhile a sheriff was sitting watching us didn't offer assistance just watched probably waiting to see what the two dingy ding dongs would do. Well, things were off to a good start…..

On the way to camp I wanted to stop and look for a geocache at Fields Spring State Park. has partnered with the Washington State Parks system to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the parks. Caches have been placed in 100 parks and there are 2 years to find them. They have a small prize for finding 50 and another for finding 100. It sounded like fun so I’m working on visiting at least 50 of those parks in the next two years and maybe even hit all 100.

Just like the caravanning got off to a “good” start looking for my first state park cache got off to a "good" start too. We found a nice big parking lot to put our pickups and trailers in and off we went. We followed the GPS arrow to another parking lot further up. We walked in circles, looked at the clue and walked in more circles but no cache was found. The coords. were placing us right in the middle of the parking lot. What the heck????? After a bit I finally realized we were at the spot listed as parking and not where the cache was supposed to be. Duh!

OK we found the parking lot now it was time to go looking for the cache. Off down a hiking trail we went and we got to another trail where it looked like the cache should be but again we couldn’t find the cache. The cache was a multi cache and the first multi I’ve tried to find. A multi is where you find the first cache which holds the coords. for the next cache until you ultimately find the prize. I was getting frustrated because it was clear I had something wrong and we weren’t even finding the first cache.

We were tromping around in the bushes looking for the elusive cache and checking out these gnarly looking trees.

Then I spotted a man walking up the main trail holding what looked like a GPS. I started laughing and asked if he was a geocacher. He confirmed he was and was looking for the same cache. I said we were going to follow him. He was a nice man and the three of us partnered up to go in search of the cache.

His GPS said we needed to go further down that trail to get to the first cache. OK off we go and finally found the first cache near these trees.

We put the next coords into our GPSs and saw the next one was over there to the right across the valley. This picture doesn’t show the valley but it does give an idea of what a great area we were in.

Our new friend wanted to do what I normally do and take the straight shot across the valley. I looked at it and decided it would be a bit of scramble down to the bottom of the valley and strenuous climb back out of it and suggested we take the long way and use to the trail. I was impressed with myself that I suggested the sensible route for a change. FLHTLady was too because the two of us normally stumble into things the difficult way.

The walk to the cache was nice. Our new friend (his geocache user name is different and I can’t remember it) was having a difficult time with his GPS and it was trying to lead him a different direction. Mine was still pointing the direction we started with so all three of us were now following my GPS. Sort of, the two of them were hiking in the direction the arrow was pointing and I was playing with my camera.

I’ve camped in this park a few times & even took a few walks but I had no idea there were views like this in the park.

There’s where the GPS is telling us to go.

I’m playing with my camera again and the other two are finding the cache.

It sure was pretty there.

I put a pedometer on my shoe before we started our walk to check my miles.

Walking in circles gets the miles to add up. – 3.63 miles. I bet if we cut out the circles it would have been closer to 2.5

With the cache found and pictures taken we headed back to the pickups and off to camp we went. We got set up and called it a day since we needed our sleep because we had riding to do the next morning.

This is getting off to a slow start but I will be back with more.
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