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Boatman, there have been two other tags here. Both were set on opposing sides of the exact same concrete pad at the tower itself. Less than 2' apart from each other.
Its all good as its bound to happen at popular spots. No way around it. Unintentionally placing the tag less than 2' apart was probably a record though...

On to the grab. Woodstock fire tower sign & parking area, at the very top of the ridge.
I was looking around the rock and wondering if I'd been bruced. I saw something way back in between the rocks and had to take this pic to see if it was indeed the tag...

Yep, that's it! I'm not sticking my hand way up in there...oh wait, you can grab it from behind...

These folks were in the parking lot.

Notice the little girl has Rudy.

I told them what I was doing after rummaging around the rock so they wouldn't think I'm some kinda nut. They thought the game was pretty cool. The lady was interested in what kind of hot sauce it was. I almost gave it to her.
She then asked if she could take a picture of me for the game. I said "no, I want to take a picture of you three for the game" and they obliged.

I'll set a new tag tomorrow night. Stay tuned! There will be all sorts of happen-ens!

Oh, and it will be street bike friendly.
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