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Originally Posted by Christopher King View Post
Next year I will be staying Vietnam with a friend for 3 months and wanted to take my bike with me. I saw in a thread that 2 people took large bikes with them, but they didn't go into much detail. She lives in Ho Chi Minh city is this is relevant at all. My bike will already be in Eastern Europe when I go, if that helps at all as well.
What bike is it, and how exactly are you planning to transport it into Vietnam.. or are you possibly planning to ride it there?

Getting your own motorcycle into Vietnam used to be a big problem, just now (roughly the last 12 months) several people have succeeded in doing this, but only on one specific land border crossing coming from Laos, so I donīt think thatīs guaranteed in any way. Sending the bike in as freight, could be a whole different ballgame.

I did several fly & ride trips in India and SE Asia some years ago. And once me & my girlfriend rode from Europe to South India, airlifted the bike from Chennai to Bangkok, and then continued south to Australia. I donīt want to sound negative, but having a big bike (for anything else but serious long-distance two-up touring) will have very few advantages over there. But its weight will often be a clear disadvantage. There are reasons, why locals ride scooters and small motorcycles in Asia.

And getting the bike there (and back) is too much of a hassle for me to even consider it, if I only had 3 months. If you were going to live & work there, then it might be different (...IF youīd absolutely insist on having a big bike there). You really need to think carefully about that one, because I can almost guarantee you, that it will be a big hassle, and cost you a lot of money to do it.
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