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Had a great time the past 4 days up on the Haul Road. Was all excited to post pictures and such when my bike died... And it was HOT!!!! 96 Degrees here at Fairbanks and in the low 90's above the arctic circle. I won't complain, because it made the road conditions favorable. Just confused as I thought I was in the arctic... not Arizona.

Regarding my dead bike....
We washed the bikes off a bit before turning in for the night and Johann's Dakar fired up just fine after the wash down, but my, my precious Gretchen gave me a EWS error. I pushed the bike out of the stall and tried again.. only this time the computer wouldn't even come on. So we are stranded at the University of Alaska. Sent emails off to Adventure Cycle Works and Trail End BMW. Will call both tomorrow ...

I suppose we will be here in Fairbanks another day or so... Darn IT!!! Adventures like these are supposed to happen to the "other guy", not me Oh well. nothing time and a credit card can't fix I suppose. We will miss seeing a couple of other things. But a day off the bikes is probably needed.

BTW: Anyone have advice on a towing service in Fairbanks? (send a PM if you can help out) I am not a AAA member. I suppose my insurance may pick up the tab... after I pay it first and submit paperwork
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