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Originally Posted by Albie View Post
Apparently they do a better job with the maps out west then they down south. I come across plenty of roads that don't show up on the map, and much worse, I come across NO roads where the map shows them. The second gets to be quite friggen annoying when you have to redo your route on the fly because the road you planned your route across just ain't there.
You could be right. There aren't many roads out west, so maybe they are easier to map. Big open spaces and great distances between population centers. I've never not found a road, though.

The CDR is a good example. some 2000 miles of linking farm and forest roads. The 'Forever West' tracks are another example. I bought the latter. Probably the only problem I've had is a) zooming out to high a scale following tracks, causing me to miss turns and b) having the targeted road be tough because of washouts from earlier weather.
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