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Well, I made it back yesterday after riding a strikingly similar route to that which I rode the first 24 hours of Leg 2.

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IBR...And they're off.....
First off, thanks to everyone for the positive and comments and thoughts during the event. Even though I couldn't answer at that time, they were appreciated.

All my bonus photos plus a picture of the route for each leg can be found in this gallery. Eventually, I'll throw captions in explaining what the object is.

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Looks like a whole bunch of them found the same non-entrance road that we found last summer (to Pike's Peak). Can't get there from here, and it's a loooonnnggg way round to get the right road!
My GPS tried to do the same, but I wasn't falling for it a 2nd time Plus, since I now live 15 minutes away, it would be pretty silly of me not to know how to get to the front gate. Most seemed to recover quickly from the bad routing. I did feel bad for the really nice German dude (this is his 6th or 7th IBR) who wasted over an hour trying to figure out was Mrs. Garmin was doing to him.

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I don't think he is making DC before sundown.
I did, but barely. The moment I left the Outer Banks, a monster storm opened up on me, to include hail and lightning. To top it off, Hampton Roads was completely gridlocked with one tunnel blocked near downtown. After getting north of Norfolk, I drove a little on the aggressive side in order to take this picture of a Titanic Memorial 20 minutes after sunset (the only criteria for a daylight bonus is that there must be enough ambient light so that objects in the background are visible in the photo).

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I guess he can now get rid of that cheesy 5 digit IBA number and get a much cooler 3 digit version.
and don't forget the new plate backer....

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1,000 miles per day for 11 days......... definitely iron butt!
To be honest, I really didn't think I would be capable of getting over 11,000 miles. with the three 8 hour rest bonuses, and two checkpoints having me off the bike for at least 12 hours, there is really only 9 days of riding going on, needing an average of over 1,200 a day. I had a few really long days (like the 1,450 mile, 25 hour ride to Pike's Peak) which brought my average up enough to get credit for the 11 in 11 as well.

Alright, must get to work....
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