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Originally Posted by TheBlurr View Post
Ok so you are stuck in the gobi desert, some goat herder has an 08 motor and you refuse it until you can get it honed out and new rings on it?

Yer not in a position to be a "chooser" you need something that will go in, run decent so you can continue your adventure, if it needs a bit of oil ever few hundred miles then so be it, you save being picky when your sitting on the internet with the bike in the garage
I'd agree - if the price was right.

Everything I've heard from the two owners I've met with 2008's, and read about, was that they continue to run very well... they just burn oil. My co-worker eventually fought with Kawasaki and had new rings put into it, but then sold it to buy a Kawi Concours (which always thought I'd like to own... until I sat on his... I had ridden his KLR, and I think the 2008 KLR650 had things going for it that the Concours couldn't match for commuting and traveling).

I still think the KLR beats my DR for comfort on a stock bike, too... but my DR650 is lighter
"After reading through this thread I've come to the conclusion
that more people cruise the internet looking for reasons why
X bike won't work in Y scenario rather than actually riding
their motorcycles
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