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There was enough gravel in the paved corners on Tooley Pond Rd from Twin Falls Club to Degrasse that we could have built another road through to Cranberry Lake. Too many cars going over the shoulders and spitting it up onto the pavement. That road is deteriorating so fast I hope they rip out all the tarmac and make it a gravel road sooner rather than later.

As far as paved twisties in that area with good road surface I would certainly recommend any of the following over Tooley Pond --- River Rd at the end of Tooley Pond Rd (watch out though, it's a 30mph speed limit that is more comfortable at 70mph...). Oswegatchie Trail Rd. from Star Lake back around to Rt3 in Oswegatchie is nice but turns to 35mph. Blanchard Hill Rd in Russell is 55mph and much better quality than either of the other two with good elevation changes and plenty of tight corners. On that note CR17 from Degrasse to Whippoorwill Corners (Wayside Tavern at CR24) is better than Tooley pond at this point.

Went to Russell first and jumped on Blanchard Hill got sick of the pavement pretty early on and turned to the back woods atv/snowmobile trails, mine roads and other gravel. Visited with family over by Star Lake for a bit then came back through River Rd and Tooley Pond, took trails through the woods from Degrasse back to Russell and then pavement back home.

Started making this map but then my arms fell asleep

Few highlights in no particular order

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