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Originally Posted by wmaxj View Post
First off what a great site and resource, thanks to all that have posted! I have tried to digest all 284 pages but need a little help. I just purchased a 2013 exc 500. I have the following questions:

1. I want to do the desmog, so I can use the 3.5 KTM gas tank. Some of the post say to remap, some it would appear leave the stock mapping program. My dealer won't do a remap. Is it OK to desmog and us the stock mapping?

2. On re-gearing, most of the posts say to go with a 13 or 14 CS and 48 rear, will the stock chain work with the new setup?

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It will benefit to an altered fuel map, it's very lean from the factory. Personally mine runs flawlessly with the Magic Mod, cheaper than piggyback programmers and one less possibly point of failure.

You CAN fit a 14/48 on stock chain. I did....and promptly burned through the mud flap as the tire is too far forward. Bike handles better with the rear wheel back as well so I'm much happier with a longer chain. I think 14/50 it too short, 14/48 is marginal and I may go 14/46 but depends on the individual.

Check the wiring behind the headlight. Mine wore through after 2 hours and caused problems. Ktm used put in about as bad a wiring harness/connectors as possible.
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