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Originally Posted by XT_Driftwood View Post
Wow, those are some great photos and that area looks like loads of fun.
Thanks, definitely a lot of fun. Only covered about 150 miles but it was so hot I drank a full camelback and a $1 2L of stewart's cola. Rest of the pics are here: somehow got a little out of order during upload though, the first few should be at the end. All that stuff on the car trunk is stuff that came back with me from the journey...

Originally Posted by XR650L_Dave
Do I see sand?

A rocky quad track?

I have been out once so far- in May. Worst year ever so far, riding-wise.
That "sand" is actually a giant man-made desert. It's a mine tailings pile from the old Jones&Laughlin/Benson Mines iron mine. From what I can tell they had giant conveyors taking the tailings across CR60 to dump them in this giant pile. These appear to have been the support structures:

The "rocky quad track" is actually Mackin Rd. in South Russell. It runs from CR17 over to Boyd Pond Rd which connects to Blanchard Hill Rd. That is just a sample. There is a quad track/snowmobile trail that goes from the beach in Newton Falls to the back side of the mine tailings pile that is seriously intense. There was one mud hole that had ATV body panels floating in it!!!

Good ride for sure, come on up some time and make your riding year better :)
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