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Originally Posted by azkiwi View Post
The sport awards points (and championships!) to those who can successfully negotiate the fine line between bravery, skill and folly. But there is still such a thing as pushing your luck and even huevos the size of Lorenzo's can't overcome physical weaknesses on hormones alone.

Cal will have some impressive scars but he'll still be able to throw ball with his kids in 15 years. I wonder how long it takes Miguel Duhamel to get up in the morning.
Yeah, Miggie...

He was a bit too brave yet such a crafty racer at the same time. Despite his overpowering desire, he still had a remarkably long career. No wonder he was such a fan favorite. He was like Superman on crutches. My only complaint was when he did that 'start-and park' Motogp at Laguna. He didn't want to ride that thing. Give it to a fearless youngster coming up. But hey, he was at the end of his line and it was an honor to be asked. He had to do it I guess.

I wonder how he's faring with his body these days. Hopefully, not too badly, but I always wondered if one leg ended up being shorter than the other after that last big broken leg. Jeepers, that was something to see him ride with. I'd say it was up there with anybody trying to come back from a debilitating injury. Amazing.
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