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Originally Posted by dolphins13 View Post
Hard to fix a problem that fixes itself? When it dies on me, then I mess

with it on the side of the road hoping it will start again. It dosnt start so I

truck it home. Wont start in truck either. When I get home it fires up and

I cant fix what aint broke. Three times in a row this has happened. After

the 1st time I bravely took it for a 10 mile or so ride and it was perfect.

next week it dies when I leave the gym again? and a week later does the exact

same thig. Right now it starts and runs great, trick is to get it broke

down at home? How does the ride home in truck fix it? Im really stumped

on this one? gonna wear out my kickstarter or kill my battery on the side

of the road if this continues. Its what I get for bragging how my bike

always runs perfect? It used to.
You're going to have to figure out a way to check spark next time it happens. Need to whittle the problem down to electrical or fuel related.
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